Specific Gravity Weighing Kit With Specific Gravity Calculator



Specific Gravity Weighing Kit – The kit has been designed to ease and simplify the dry and wet weighing of specimens in the process of working out the quantity of gold in it.

Specific Gravity Calculator – “The calculator has been created to work out the calculation of the gold weight in grams. From this you will be able to do a simple calculation by multiplying the gold price of the day by the gold weight and you will have the gold value in the specimen. (The calculator is in information)

Depending on the matrix of the specimen, your specimens could be worth more than nuggets.
Package includes:
• Base plate.
• Tope plate for calculator placement.
• Specimen weighing plate.

• Wet weighting attachment

• Mounting post.
• Hook for weighing lager Specimens.
• Assembly assorted nuts and bolts.
• Tweezes.
• The web-based calculator is in information.

Note: Pocket Scale included.


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