Quavar Kit



QUAVAR-PI – Audio-Haptic AID and Audio Amplifier. Compatible with pulse induction metal detectors, SD, GP, GPX & SDC series.


Pulse Induction


QUAVAR-PI – Audio-Haptic AID and Audio Digital Amplifier Kit. Compatible with pulse induction metal detector, SD GP GPX SDC and GPZ series.

Package includes:

  • QUAVAR-PI unit.
  • Haptic transducer.
  • Mini external speaker.
  • Audio input cable.
  • 12V DC car charging cable.
  • 240V-12V charging adaptor



Quavar-PI: Audio-Haptic Aid
Audio amplifier: Digital
Speaker resistance: 8 Ω
Speaker wattage: 2W
Power supply: Lithium polymer Battery
Battery output:


Audio output jack: 6.5mm female
Audio input cable: 6.5mm male jack & 2 pins aviation plug
Haptic Transducer: Gold-Tec transducer with 3 pins aviation plug
Charging: Car charging adaptor fused 5A ended 2.1mm plug



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