About Us

 About Us 

Welcome to Gold-Tec Australia.

Metal detecting is a fascinating and rewarding activity enjoyed by many people from all over the world. But deafness, partial or profound, has made it difficult and even impossible for some to take up or continue their metal detecting interests.

Gold-Tec Australia saw this opportunity and decided to design and develop products using our Audio/Haptic Technology for the gold detector market.

This technology is being used in two of our hearing impairment aids for metal detecting. Namely:

  • The Quavar-PI designed to be compatible with pulse induction metal detectors.

  • And coming soon, the Quavar-VLF designed to be compatible with VLF metal detectors.

Gold-Tec Australia also pushed the technology boundary with the audio amplifiers provided in our products. Apart from superior power management we include audio compression techniques to protect your hearing and improve sound clarity. This has led to the design of our stand-alone Audii amplifier which has been designed to provide superior performance with speakers AND headphones and is compatible with all metal detectors.

Our products have many specialised modules designed to incorporate Gold-Tec’s latest techniques in battery management, signal detection, haptic awareness and audio technology.

Gold-Tec’s aim is to give you the edge and with the assistance of our devices you too can become a success in finding gold and other treasures.

Deafness is no longer an impediment, so go out there and have a good Gold-Tecing day.

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