Hearing Impairment Aid For Metal Detecting

We have developed and designed hearing impairment aid device using the latest  Audio/ Haptic Technology to help you with your partial or profound hearing loss. 

Our technology can give you the freedom and confidence to go out and dig up gold or other treasures.

The haptic system is tuned to inhibit false triggering by using band pass filters, only responding to proper targets. This is a metal detecting enhancement for everyone

Deafness is no longer an Impediment! 

Audio Amplifier

Our advance audio amplifying unit has nine specialised modules, designed to incorporate Gold-Tec latest technique in battery, detection and audio technology. 

The unit also uses audio volume compression to protect your hearing and give you sound clarity. 

The amplifier has a bandpass filter to remove extraneous noises at both high and low frequencies. 

Targets will clearly be heard! 

Our Expertise

  • All aspects of gold prospecting.
  • Hearing impaired detecting tuition.
  • Group detecting tuition.
  • Gold-Tec products demonstration.
  • YouTube informative videos.
  • Gold-Tec products accessories. 
  • Prospecting products & accessories. 
  • Camping & caravanning. 

There will be lots more! 

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